Volunteer Opportunities

Would you like to volunteer with Missouri Lost & Found Paws?  The first step is to fill out a pre-registration request.  A member of our team will respond to you within 2-4 days.  Volunteers must be over the age of 18 years old.  Volunteers of younger ages are welcome to participate in various activities after discussing with the Missouri Lost & Found Paws team.  As we believe in working together as a community, we invite anyone who sees the value in our mission. 

Data Entry
This is an area where we desperately need help.  We want to catalogue all of the animals shared with us in a database.  One of the goals of our Missouri Lost & Found Paws effort is to increase awareness of lost and found pets amongst the animal loving community of greater St Louis and Rolla.  In order to do this, we track the counts of how many animals have been lost, how many have been reunited, how many were found deceased, how many were sent to the shelter, etc.  We also use the data to show spikes of where specific breeds seem to go on a Walkabout thru St Louis as a lost animal.  But in order to bring this awareness to the public, we need the help of our supporters to get permission to share personal contact information.

     Skills Needed for Facebook - Data Entry
  • Attention to detail while typing
  • Ability to interpret and transfer data from incoming shared postings to a form-based input of the data
  • Attention to spelling
  • Copy/paste the URL for the new data that has been submitted back to the FB posting so we can track the information
Facebook - Posting Sightings & Those Who Were Found to Have Crossed the Rainbow Bridge
We have many supporters of Missouri Lost & Found Paws who share what we call Sightings.  A Sighting is information of an animal who was seen roaming in a particular area.  As Missing Pet Partnership states best, Think Lost, Not Stray!  We need a Volunteer to post the Sightings to Craigslist and the STL Lost Pets Facebook pages.  This information could be very valuable to someone whose pet IS lost in St Louis and Rolla.

We also sadly receive information from our supporters of deceased animals seen along the highway, or local streets.  Seeing an animal who is no longer with us in these situations is never a pleasant matter.  But as we have found in our three years, sharing this information can help provide closure for a family or individual who is at unrest in worrying about their lost pet in St Louis and Rolla.  We are looking for the same volunteer to post this difficult information to Craigslist and the STL Lost Pets Facebook pages.

Please note, we do not share any photos of the deceased animals.  The Editors of our Facebook entities (Missouri Lost & Found Paws, St Louis, Missouri Lost & Found Paws and Rolla, Missouri Lost & Found Paws) keep the photos private and distribute only upon request to owners who want to verify their lost pet.

Skills Needed for Facebook - Sightings & Rainbow Bridge postings
  • Attention to detail while typing
  • Ability to apply sensitivity to the situation at hand
  • Attention to spelling
  • Submitting the postings to STL Lost Pets Facebook page
  • Submitting the postings to Craigslist
Community Outreach Program

We are growing by leaps and bounds!  Now that we are a formal non-profit, we have the ability to begin publishing information in mass quantities thanks to donations from our supporters.  Currently, we are needing volunteers to help us compile business name, address, city, state, zip, website, FB page information for local pet-related businesses in the St Louis and Rolla regional communities.  This includes veterinary clinics, groomers, pet sitters, pet food stores, and much more.  The goal is to get our business cards and brochure distributed to these locations.

     Skills Needed for Community Outreach Program
  • Attention to detail while typing
  • Search Google for local businesses
  • Enter address information into the spreadsheet where we are tracking this information
Lost & Found Pet Pages on Facebook
We have been compiling a list of Facebook pages and groups that are dedicated to sharing information about lost and found animals.  We need assistance to continue to grow this list, as well as maintain the list.  Maintaining the list involves clicking on each of the links on a quarterly basis and removing any pages/groups that are no longer in service.

     Skills Needed for Lost & Found Pet Pages on Facebook
    • Using the search feature in Facebook, searching on key words to locate various resources that exist on FB.
    • Check to see if the resource is already in our list.  If it is, great!
    • If it is not, add it to the list.  Adding to the list involves including the name of the page, as well as the URL for the Facebook entity.
    One of our goals is to publish videos of our monthly lost and found pets.  The impact of videos in today's society cannot be argued.  We are a visual society.  On the topic of lost and found pets, we believe we must continue to drive awareness of how many animals we have missing in our metropolitan areas of St Louis and Rolla.  With each generation, we improve upon our knowledge and awareness of animal welfare.  The videos are critical to helping to share the message and impact of how a community working together CAN make a difference.  This volunteer position would be a great fit for a high school student or college student looking for opportunities to add to their portfolio of experience.

         Skills Needed for Lost & Found Pet Pages on Facebook
      • Must have licensed software for video development.
      • All videos will be uploaded to a central YouTube account for distribution.
      • All content must be reviewed and approved by Missouri Lost & Found Paws before publishing.
      Facebook - Social Media Management
      The foundation of our effort is based very much on the use of social media to reunite lost and found pets.  As a result, we have many animals that are shared with us on our St Louis and Rolla Facebook group pages as well as our Fan page.  Our Facebook administrators are volunteers who spend their free time managing the posts that are shared with us.  These responsibilities include:
      1. Uploading the pet's photo to our Fan page album which best describes the state of the current pet (i.e. lost, found, sent to shelter, taken in by rescue, passed to the Rainbow Bridge, etc).
      2. Posting a link to the album photo on the group page.
      3. Providing tips to the owners of lost pets or finders of found pets.
      4. Tagging shelter contacts in the area.
      5. Monitoring discussions for appropriateness.
      6. Following up on pet's shared with us for a current status (i.e. has the pet been reunited?  has the pet been adopted?)
      7. and more...
           Skills Needed for Facebook - Social Media Management
      • Attention to Detail
      • Ability and willingness to adhere to process
      • Collaboration with the other admins
      • Willingness to intervene when conversations stray from topic of lost and found pets
      • Professional mannerisms (we do not promote heated arguments, or aggressive discussions against owners.  We are here to help owners get their lost fur babies home!)
      • and more...