Missouri Lost & Found Paws does not tolerate spammers. We also will not tolerate anyone who misuses the information shared on our page. We are here to help the animals and owners. That is our primary goal. We do not advocate nor permit the sale of any contact info listed. As the info is listed in public domains, we cannot be held liable for any misuse of the information. We hope that as supporters of this group, each person can respect the privacy and nature of the information shared. Let us keep our focus on reuniting the animals with their loving homes!

Please do NOT post actual address for people's homes which have been discussed thru private messages, unless you have the person's permission to do so. If you have permission, please be sure to post a screenshot of that conversation. We want to make sure we respect people's privacy. If an address is listed within an ad which has been shared on a public forum, then that is ok. If it is shared within a private discussion, do NOT post unless you have secured permission to do so. We will delete the post if we do not see the secured permission screenshot posted.