Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Employer Donation Match Program

Does your employer have a donation match program? If so, please consider a donation to help Missouri Lost & Found Paws. We have started receiving inquiries from rural shelters in Missouri who need our assistance. They do not have funding to buy a microchip scanner.

Why is this important? Without a microchip scanner, that means every animal coming into their shelter has no ability to be scanned. Each of those pets loses their chance to be reunited with an owner or family who may be missing their beloved pet.

Help us continue to buy more microchip scanners. Please consider a donation to Missouri Lost & Found Paws. Click on the Donate Now option on our Facebook page.

Print off your receipt and submit it to your company. Please list Missouri Lost & Found Paws as the organization to receive the matching gift.

We greatly appreciate your support.

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