Friday, January 1, 2016

Bella is home!

Never give up. Don't lose hope. Sadly, the effort to find a lost pet involves a lot of hard work. Continuing to expand the search area, sharing flyers with new people and businesses, following up on all leads and checking all shelters routinely are just some examples. It is difficult to do all of this alone, day after day. The power of social media has proven its value time and time again. Today, we share a local story of a family whose little dog was missing for six weeks. 

From Bella's Mom, Megan Pohlman.
Here is the story of Bella's Adventure! Our dog Bella, went missing from our home in Manchester, MO on November 21st, and was found by us in Sherman, MO on December 31st. A 6 week time period! 

She has been on quite the adventure! When Bella initially went missing we heard that she was seen running down Manchester Road, and anyone who is from around here knows it is VERY busy. 

We then heard the next day, that Bella might have been seen on 141 & Big Bend and they thought she was hit by a car. My husband and I were devastated to hear this! I still remember us both sobbing and him getting a big blanket and walking outside to his car, thinking he would be going to go find her on the side of the road, dead. Well, Bella was never seen or found near 141 & Big Bend. 

After that incident, we didn’t hear anything again until Nov 26th, and that she was possibly seen in the Valley Park area. We went there with a Christmas tree attached to our car, in hopes of maybe seeing her, but we saw nothing. 

We never heard anything again until recently, On Dec. 30th. A good friend of mine who I went to college with and I haven’t spoken to or seen in years, randomly messaged me on Facebook to ask if I had found Bella. I said no, and he said, I may have something for you. It is a long shot, but it’s worth a try. I was pretty convinced even before I saw anything else from him that it wasn’t her. J.D. (my husband) and I, just couldn’t comprehend how she could have survived some of the really cold temps we had, and plus we hadn’t had any leads on her in 6 weeks! 

My friend, sent me 3 pictures of the dog, that he found by randomly looking at the flood pictures that were happening near and around Sherman, MO/Eureka area on a Facebook page. After scrolling through all the flood pictures, that is when he saw pictures of what might have looked like Bella. He sent them to me, and i couldn’t believe my eyes. It was HER. How could this be her???!! 

We spoke with people from that town that night on the phone and they stated they had seen her that day still in Sherman (she had been lingering there for about two weeks). 

My husband, father-in-law, and myself went the very next afternoon to go find her. It took us two hours to finally find her and get her in our possession. 

She was scared and wouldn’t stop running from the people who lived there. Finally, she was spooked toward the direction of my husband and my father-in- law and she saw them, froze, and then realized who they were and slowly walked up to them. 

We are so happy! And so thankful for Facebook and the wonderful people who post pictures of lost dogs. It never would have happened if it wasn’t for the guy who initially took the pictures of Bella(because he couldn’t catch her), so he posted them on a Facebook page, and when my friend randomly saw them, he just thankfully, thought of me. Crazy how things work out. 

She is home now, warm, and snugging on the couch. We finally have our family back together!

Why do we share these stories? We want to help people understand the power of sharing. We want people to understand the value in posting every wandering pet that is seen. Stray animals do not fall out of the sky. Are some animals abandoned? Yes. But many are lost and in need of our help to get home.

Help us help them get home.