Monday, May 30, 2016

Lock Those Gates!

Do you have a fence? Consider putting locks on your gates!  Why, you ask?  During the heavy winds, having a lock on your gate will help ensure that the gate doesn’t blow open.

Want to ensure that no one enters your property without your permission? Having a lock on the gate will help ensure this doesn’t happen.

Use a lawn service? Take one of the locks off on the day of the service, and replace the lock at the end of the day.

Having a lock could help you save hours of chasing your dog thru the neighborhood, or worse, hours of worry from a missing pet because the gate was left open.

Have You Posted a Lost or Found Pet on Craigslist?

Sunday, May 15, 2016

Help Keep Pets Safe During Your Move!

Getting ready to move? Please take a moment to read this helpful article of how you can keep your pets safe during the move!

Thursday, April 21, 2016

Missouri Lost & Found Paws - 2017 Summer Internship Opportunities!

If you are a follower of our Missouri Lost & Found Paws organization, we encourage you to share the exciting opportunities listed below with any college students who are looking for internship opportunities for this summer! 

Tuesday, April 19, 2016

The Importance of Updating Your Pet's Microchip

Are you a new pet owner? Whether you adopt thru a shelter, rescue group, purchase from a breeder or take in a free pet, we at Missouri Lost & Found Paws urge you to read this info.

Please be sure to check your pet for a microchip. If the pet has one, contact the microchip company to have their info updated to you. Please do not put this off; it only takes *one* accident for a pet to become a *lost* pet.

Not sure which microchip company to call?

  • Take your pet to your veterinary clinic.
  • Ask them whether they have the Universal scanner. If yes, have the pet scanned for a chip. If no, take the pet to a clinic or shelter that uses Universal scanners.
  • Look up the microchip number here:

Not only will the site provide the microchip manufacturer name, but it will also provide the contact phone number.

Want to help your neighborhood or friends ensure the safety of their furry family members? Contact Missouri Lost & Found Paws and we will gladly assist however we can.

Let's help fur babies stay safe and easily identifiable should an accident. Prevention is the key!

Facebook: Be Sure to Check These Hidden Private Messages!

Please read this article that we would like to share with all individuals using Facebook to share lost and found pets. This could impact you not receiving all inquiries sent to you!

Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Employer Donation Match Program

Does your employer have a donation match program? If so, please consider a donation to help Missouri Lost & Found Paws. We have started receiving inquiries from rural shelters in Missouri who need our assistance. They do not have funding to buy a microchip scanner.

Why is this important? Without a microchip scanner, that means every animal coming into their shelter has no ability to be scanned. Each of those pets loses their chance to be reunited with an owner or family who may be missing their beloved pet.

Help us continue to buy more microchip scanners. Please consider a donation to Missouri Lost & Found Paws. Click on the Donate Now option on our Facebook page.

Print off your receipt and submit it to your company. Please list Missouri Lost & Found Paws as the organization to receive the matching gift.

We greatly appreciate your support.

14,000 Animal Lovers And Growing!

Thursday, January 14, 2016

Come join us at our Winter Fundraiser!

Missouri Lost & Found Paws is partnering with La Chata Mexican Cuisine in Cottleville to host a Winter Fundraiser! Proceeds from every sale of tequila, margarita, Cerveza and food will help us continue to help lost and found animals in our community.

Tequila Tasting starts at 4 pm! You don't want to miss it! 6 half-shots of Tequila from two Houses PLUS a 9 oz Margarita for $25!

Silent auction and raffle ticket sales will be in progress throughout the evening.

Help us help get lost and found fur babies home!

La Chata Mexican Cuisine
3891 Mid Rivers Mall, Saint Peters, Missouri 63376

Friday, January 8, 2016

Brrrrr....Baby It's Cold Outside!

As you know, Winter has finally decided to show its face to Missouri.  It will be cold with the chance of accumulating snow across parts of the state.  Please lend a kind hand to animals who are wandering thru your area.  Remember, they may be someone's lost pet!  We have been fortunate to have a somewhat forgiving winter (ok, minus the recent rain and flooding).  If you find a wandering pet in your area, please take them to your local shelter that is closest to where the pet was found.  This gives the owner the best opportunity to find their beloved pet.  

As animal lovers, we love our fur babies to the moon.  We cannot assume that every wandering animal we see is the result of abandonment or a neglectful owner.  ACCIDENTS HAPPEN.  Rather than focusing on the situation that led the animal to wander, we believe in keeping our focus on how to get that animal safe.

Please open your hearts as we face our first Wintery mix this weekend.  These fur babies need our help across the community.  If you consider the unforeseen situation of where your beloved pet escaped from home, wouldn't you be grateful to find that a stranger picked up your pet and provided them a safe place to stay until you find them?

Now, on the flipside, if you do find a pet and you are willing to keep them safe in your home, that is wonderful!  But you then owe that pet every opportunity to be reunited with its owner.  Hang signs, post the found pet to every venue possible (click here for our list of tips for sharing).  That found pet cannot be reunited if you don't help get the word out.

Let's work together to keep fur babies safe across Missouri this Winter.  We CAN do this TOGETHER.

Thursday, January 7, 2016

Tequila & Fundraising...What More Could One Want?

Save the date! Saturday, January 23rd in St Charles County. Fundraiser for Missouri Lost & Found Paws with raffle baskets.
Details coming this weekend! 

Location:  La Chata Mexican Cuisine, Mid Rivers Mall Drive, Cottleville, MO.

Monday, January 4, 2016

Missouri Lost & Found Paws - Rules of Engagement

NOTICE: THIS NOTE IS NOT INVITING DISCUSSION NOR DEBATE. WE ASK THAT YOU PLEASE RESPECT THE FOLLOWING INFORMATION. We ARE making a difference working together as a community! Let's keep focused on this!


We would really like acknowledge each and every contributor for joining the Missouri Lost & Found Paws presence on Facebook. Without each of you, we cannot help to spread the word about animals in need! Please continue to share the information with other animal lovers. To each of you that share information about a lost or found pet, thank you for your efforts! We truly hope that the information that is shared is found to be helpful for your situation. To all of the volunteers at the shelters and rescues...thank YOU for helping to monitor the situation to help reunite these pets. You are the eyes and ears for so many people. Thank you.

Mission Statement

Missouri Lost & Found Paws is a 501(c)(3) non profit organization sponsored by All Paws Rescue. We are a 100% volunteer based organization focused on reuniting lost and found pets. Our mission includes developing a networked community that fosters a strong commitment to those with lost pets as well as found pets. We foster an environment to do the following:
Share information about lost and found animals.
Share tips for searching for lost animals.
Share tips for reuniting found animals.
Share information from other public resources about lost and found animals.
Share tricks to catch a skittish animal.

Please note, Missouri Lost & Found Paws does not have found animals in its possession. We simply share and crosspost information that is shared with us. Please reach out to the original poster for information on the pet in question.


The primary goal is to get the word out about lost and found animals! So many people don't realize what happens when an animal is lost. Many people don't realize how to go about searching for their lost loved one. With all of us working together, we can share this information and help others.


Freedom of speech shall not apply here. If Missouri Lost & Found Paws makes the determination that someone's comments are counter-productive to the goals of the page, we will choose to ban that person, with or without warning. We will NOT reconsider these bans at a later date. Once someone is banned, it is permanent. We take much pride in being a fair organization. We realize that you don't know the Admin team personally, but those who do will hopefully vouch for our behavior, opinion and/or decisions.

We thank you for your time in reading this document. We truly hope that you will continue to follow Missouri Lost & Found Paws, along with its subsidiary organizations, St Louis, Missouri Lost & Found Paws and Rolla, Missouri Lost & Found Paws. If you cannot meet the terms of our Rules of Engagement, we respect that and respect your decision to leave us on Facebook. We hope that you won't leave us, as the impact that this group continues to make in its communities is truly amazing.

Rules of Engagement

While freedom of speech is respected, Missouri Lost & Found Paws must ask that each of our supporters take a moment to remember that this is an organization to service our communities across Missouri. Missouri Lost & Found Paws and its child organizations were set up as public pages for a purpose; to allow people to search via search engines for postings. Therefore, it is important to remember that the conversations that are posted are available to the public for viewing. We believe there is a time and place for public vs private discussions. Sometimes, particular conversations should go offline for the safety of the animals and individuals involved. Missouri Lost & Found Paws group pages and the fan page are not a forum for debate on pet ownership. Our focus is to help individuals and pets. It is that simple. We have zero tolerance for negative comments, judgments of individuals, conversation on why the pet is lost or in its present condition, etc.

We commend each of you who take action to help reunite a lost or found pet. Our focus has been and shall remain on providing support and help to those with lost and found pets. We are NOT here to judge the situations in how animals got lost or found. We ARE here to educate others and provide assistance. At the end of the day, the goal is to get the lost and found fur babies HOME. Please refrain from argumentative discussion or negative commentaries within the group. Missouri Lost & Found Paws supports individual rights to voice an opinion. However, we do reserve the right to delete comments that are hurtful, pointed and contrary to the goals of the organization. We also will not tolerate cursing. Anyone who chooses not to support our rules of engagement will be warned a maximum of three times, and then banned permanently. We are proud of the support that our followers provide to owners. Please feel free to share your personal opinions thru Private Messages as opposed to within the public forum.

We also do not believe in negative commentaries towards those who are trying to help wandering animals. Not everyone is able to bring a found animal home due to a multitude of reasons. We applaud these individuals for sharing the information about the pet they have seen, or found. We also applaud the individuals for getting the found animal into the local shelter. Shelters are a far safer environment than being left on the streets to fend for oneself. Shelters do not euthanize for the purpose of gain. Shelters are faced with the daunting task of continuing to receive countless animals into the facility. They are forced to make space due to the number of animals that continue to come into the shelters. The average animal owner will check a shelter first before they check the multitude of resources available today thanks to technology such as Craigslist, Facebook, STL Lost Pets, and so much more. Please support our local shelters. If you can offer temporary refuge for a found animal, please do offer this to the finder of the animal! We can achieve so much by working TOGETHER!

You can help make space by helping us reunite pets sitting in the shelters. Help us help the shelters. We at Missouri Lost & Found Paws truly believe that for every lost pet we reunite, there is one less animal facing the ticking timer of euthanasia.

Shelters - They are not the enemy!

As we have mentioned since the inception of this group, we are here to get lost and found animals back home with their families. We have developed a fantastic network of community members, shelter volunteers, shelter employees and rescuers. All of these individuals put together is an amazing group of eyes that can and should work together to get pets home.

Our area shelters are not a bad place. Euthanizing an animal is not anyone's joy. It is not the highlight of a shelter worker's day. But they are faced with this unrelenting task. Animals keep flowing thru the doors of shelters. In order to take animals in, one has to have space. In order to have space, animals need to reclaimed by owners, adopted or rescued. Our group and its supporters is doing a PHENOMENAL job making the connections with shelter pets. Our group includes our shelter friends and connections.

We would like to ask you all to take a moment and go to our Found Dogs - Unclaimed and Found Cats - Unclaimed albums. These albums list animal after animal after animal that have not been reunited with an owner. And we know that our album does not fully represent the population of found animals. There are many more sitting at area shelters that we don't have on our group. That is a LOT of unclaimed animals!

Our problem is not the shelters. Our problems include animal owners not knowing what to do when their family member gets lost. Our problems include animal owners not knowing to search all shelters. Our problems include animal owners abandoning their pets. Our problems include pet owners who know their found pet is sitting at the shelter, but they don't want them back home.

We CAN fix some of these problems thru education. That is what we want to do at Missouri Lost & Found Paws. We want to help owners understand the importance of keeping microchip contact info up to date. We want to help educate on the tips for getting a lost pet home.

We can't solve the world's problems but we sure as heck can impact how many lost animals we get back home. We need our supporters to help make that impact.


If you have any questions or concerns regarding any posts on this page, please contact the Admins of the page directly.


Your Admin Team

Friday, January 1, 2016

Bella is home!

Never give up. Don't lose hope. Sadly, the effort to find a lost pet involves a lot of hard work. Continuing to expand the search area, sharing flyers with new people and businesses, following up on all leads and checking all shelters routinely are just some examples. It is difficult to do all of this alone, day after day. The power of social media has proven its value time and time again. Today, we share a local story of a family whose little dog was missing for six weeks. 

From Bella's Mom, Megan Pohlman.
Here is the story of Bella's Adventure! Our dog Bella, went missing from our home in Manchester, MO on November 21st, and was found by us in Sherman, MO on December 31st. A 6 week time period! 

She has been on quite the adventure! When Bella initially went missing we heard that she was seen running down Manchester Road, and anyone who is from around here knows it is VERY busy. 

We then heard the next day, that Bella might have been seen on 141 & Big Bend and they thought she was hit by a car. My husband and I were devastated to hear this! I still remember us both sobbing and him getting a big blanket and walking outside to his car, thinking he would be going to go find her on the side of the road, dead. Well, Bella was never seen or found near 141 & Big Bend. 

After that incident, we didn’t hear anything again until Nov 26th, and that she was possibly seen in the Valley Park area. We went there with a Christmas tree attached to our car, in hopes of maybe seeing her, but we saw nothing. 

We never heard anything again until recently, On Dec. 30th. A good friend of mine who I went to college with and I haven’t spoken to or seen in years, randomly messaged me on Facebook to ask if I had found Bella. I said no, and he said, I may have something for you. It is a long shot, but it’s worth a try. I was pretty convinced even before I saw anything else from him that it wasn’t her. J.D. (my husband) and I, just couldn’t comprehend how she could have survived some of the really cold temps we had, and plus we hadn’t had any leads on her in 6 weeks! 

My friend, sent me 3 pictures of the dog, that he found by randomly looking at the flood pictures that were happening near and around Sherman, MO/Eureka area on a Facebook page. After scrolling through all the flood pictures, that is when he saw pictures of what might have looked like Bella. He sent them to me, and i couldn’t believe my eyes. It was HER. How could this be her???!! 

We spoke with people from that town that night on the phone and they stated they had seen her that day still in Sherman (she had been lingering there for about two weeks). 

My husband, father-in-law, and myself went the very next afternoon to go find her. It took us two hours to finally find her and get her in our possession. 

She was scared and wouldn’t stop running from the people who lived there. Finally, she was spooked toward the direction of my husband and my father-in- law and she saw them, froze, and then realized who they were and slowly walked up to them. 

We are so happy! And so thankful for Facebook and the wonderful people who post pictures of lost dogs. It never would have happened if it wasn’t for the guy who initially took the pictures of Bella(because he couldn’t catch her), so he posted them on a Facebook page, and when my friend randomly saw them, he just thankfully, thought of me. Crazy how things work out. 

She is home now, warm, and snugging on the couch. We finally have our family back together!

Why do we share these stories? We want to help people understand the power of sharing. We want people to understand the value in posting every wandering pet that is seen. Stray animals do not fall out of the sky. Are some animals abandoned? Yes. But many are lost and in need of our help to get home.

Help us help them get home.