Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Found A Wandering Dog?

So, you have found a wandering dog. You feel it is a lost dog, but you’re in a rush to get to your next appointment. Or, perhaps you can’t keep the pet at your home due to your personal pets who don’t welcome newcomers of the furry kind :)

Please take a moment to reconsider leaving the dog in your backyard. Even though your property may be fenced, the dog could be a jumper and escape the confined area. After all, the pet is in unfamiliar territory with unfamiliar scents, sounds and people.  They can become frightened and even frantic.  Escape could be on their critical path to "safety" in their mind.

Call your local animal control. They will be able to come and retrieve the dog. If you’re in a rush, check with a neighbor or friend to see if they can secure the dog on a leash or in a crate/kennel until animal control arrives.

Have a local veterinarian in the area? Drop the dog off with them. Most clinics will gladly help lost animals. If they do not have the means to keep the dog overnight, they will contact the local animal control to pick up the dog.

Animals fare a good chance of being reunited if taken to the closest shelter to where the pet was found. The average owner will check their local shelter for their lost pet, not a shelter outside of their city limits.

We must work together as a community. Savings lives IS within our reach! Help us help them!