Thursday, April 9, 2015

Disaster Preparedness For Pets During Tornado Season

Source: The Humane Society of The United States

Your FAMILY disaster plan should include the furry members too!

1. Bring pets inside!

2. Create a pet emergency supply kit that includes food & water for at least five days, medications for at least five days, medication records, microchip registration paperwork (or at bare minimum, microchip manufacturer, manufacturer phone #, and microchip ID number for each pet), cat litter and litter box, sturdy leash, harness and pet carriers/kennels/crates, Thundershirts, clear & current photo of each pet, and a list of any behavior issues that may exist. You may also want to keep paper towels and regular towels on hand.

3. Make sure each pet is wearing a collar with ID tags that are not faded. Ensure your pet's ID tags have the most current contact information listed.

4. Make sure the contact information is up to date on your pet's microchip registration! Contact the microchip company prior to impending bad weather.

5. Do not leave your pets behind if you have to evacuate. Take them with you! Remember Hurricane Katrina. If you have had to change locations for safety needs, be sure to remember:

a) Don't let your pets roam loose. They have just had to endure anxiety and change of location. Your pet's familiar scents may be no more; it will be easy for your pet to become disoriented.

b) Keep pets safe in carriers or on a leash at all times. They could be a flight risk due to anxiety.

c) Be patient with your pets after a disaster. Keep calm and give them time to adjust. Try to return to their normal schedule as soon as you can.

Set up your kennels ahead of time in your safe zone where you and your family go during tornado watches.  Try to stay calm to help your children and pets remain calm.  Keep blankets on hand to keep everyone shielded from any debris that may come.