Monday, March 30, 2015

When's The Last Time You Checked Your Pet's ID Tags?

Please read & SHARE with fellow animal lovers (i.e. friends, family, colleagues, etc).  Print off and hang at your veterinary clinic or groomer's shop (with permission)!  We Must Work Together As A Community!

Are the tags still on your pet's collar? Are the tags attached securely?
Is the text readable on the tags?  Has the text faded?
Do the tags on your pet's collar include your current contact info?

It is important to check your pet's ID tags.  After all, if the tags aren't attached, readable or current, it will be difficult to get your lost pet home!

Saving lives IS within our reach! HELP US HELP THEM!

Not all of us are abandoned.   
Not all of us are neglected.  
Not all of us are abused. 
Many of us are lost. 
And we need YOUR help to get home.