Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Have an invisible fence?

When is the last time you replaced the batteries on your dog’s collars for the invisible fence?  Did you know that the general recommendation by manufacturers is to replace the batteries every 3 months?

Things That Affect Battery Life

The expected life of invisible fence batteries can vary based on a number of factors:
  • How often your dog challenges the boundary wire affects battery life.
  • Consistently cold weather can dramatically reduce a battery’s life.
  • If moisture has been allowed to enter the battery compartment, the battery will fail.
It only takes one moment while the battery is dead for your beloved pet to escape!

What Should You Do?

Add a reminder on your smartphone to change the batteries every 3 months!

Monday, March 30, 2015

When's The Last Time You Checked Your Pet's ID Tags?

Please read & SHARE with fellow animal lovers (i.e. friends, family, colleagues, etc).  Print off and hang at your veterinary clinic or groomer's shop (with permission)!  We Must Work Together As A Community!

Are the tags still on your pet's collar? Are the tags attached securely?
Is the text readable on the tags?  Has the text faded?
Do the tags on your pet's collar include your current contact info?

It is important to check your pet's ID tags.  After all, if the tags aren't attached, readable or current, it will be difficult to get your lost pet home!

Saving lives IS within our reach! HELP US HELP THEM!

Not all of us are abandoned.   
Not all of us are neglected.  
Not all of us are abused. 
Many of us are lost. 
And we need YOUR help to get home.

Saturday, March 21, 2015

"An open letter to those who have found lost pets"

The following was posted on Lost Dogs Illinois by one of their followers.  The points written are so incredibly valid when it comes to lost and found pets.  Please share this with friends to help bring awareness and to educate Good Samaritans who lend a hand to found pets across the country.

Sharing.  Very well written.

"An open letter to those who have found lost pets
Many of you that find pets are quick to try to reunite them with their owners. You go to great lengths to make sure they get back home safely. For you I have endless respect and gratitude. You have no idea how much your thoughtfulness means to these pet owners, until your pet is missing.
This letter is to those that find a pet and decide NOT to try find the pet's family. Put yourself in the family's place. How would you feel? Their 4 legged family member is missing. They look for them everywhere. While looking and not finding their pet, they look at the leash, bed, bowls, and toys, a constant reminder that their family member is missing. They have no idea if their pet is living with someone or has been hit by a car, or even worse. There is a loss that can not be filled. All the tears shed will not bring their four legged baby back.
Think of the pain families have as they search for their pet every day on the streets, on line and in shelters with no answers. The sleepless nights. Every bark or meow they chase down hoping it is their baby, only to find it isn't.
The dog or cat you found may be sweet, purebred or young. But they aren't your pet. The pet isn't legally yours to keep, give away or sell. If you know who the owner is that is looking for the pet you decide to keep, that's even worse and is actually illegal as animals are lawfully considered "property". That pet you decide to keep or sell is now considered stolen property.
Perhaps you found a pet in terrible condition, appears neglected or possibly abused? Your first thought is the owner shouldn't get their pet back. You judge or punish the owner without knowing the circumstances. Maybe that pet has been lost for a long time, far from home, perhaps was stolen and mistreated and what did they go through just to survive while trying to find their way home? What do you think the owner has been going through for months not knowing what has happened to their pet?
Please search your heart and look for the owner. You can post on Facebook on any Lost & Found Pet page. If you don't want to post on Facebook send the owner a private message. You can have animal control come pick up the pet as a stray if you can't contact the owner.
Everyone that has lost a pet wants one thing, their pet back, it doesn't matter who returns them.
If you have a pet you found and are keeping it, please think about the family that pet belongs to and how you would feel if it were your pet someone was keeping.
Please please give pets back to the people who love them"

Sunday, March 15, 2015

Check Your Fence For Erosion!

Do you have a fence? When is the last time you did a perimeter check?

Check your fence for erosion !

As the years go by, erosion will create gaps along the bottom of your fence. Curious dogs will begin digging when they may not have done so in the past.  

Check the posts and slats on your fence - replace any rotted or damaged sections.

Check your gates to ensure the latch works appropriately.

Saturday, March 14, 2015

Rainbow Bridge Postings on Craigslist

We on the Missouri Lost & Found Paws team were very touched and humbled to read the following Craigslist posting this evening.  

"re: Missouri Lost & Found Paws. Missouri Lost & Found Paws 

I wanted to thank the kind people who have had to do the unpleasant task of reporting deceased pets. I hope it brings closure to anyone who has lost a pet. You Volunteers are the "Good Guys" who perform this action out of kindness to the community and pet owners. Thank you again. I know it is a heartbreaking deed you do."


Friday, March 6, 2015

Deceased Animal Pick-Up For The St Louis Region

Have you seen a deceased animal along the road?  Please consider reporting the animal to the local organizations specializing in pick ups.  The animal could be someone's beloved lost pet.  Click to learn more about  deceased animal pick-up.