Monday, September 29, 2014

The Groomer Next Door Podcast features Missouri Lost & Found Paws !

In attending the Strut Your Mutt 2014 event in Rolla on 9/20/2014, we met the producers of the podcast, The Groomer Next Door.  Chris & Sarah Green record podcasts to cover many different topics to help animal owners and animal lovers.  We got a chance to chat with them at the event, and learn more about their interests.

As you can imagine, we were tickled pink when we heard that they would like to do a feature podcast about Missouri Lost & Found Paws!  YAY!!

Listen to Missouri Lost & Found Paws on Episode 46, around 38 min mark to learn more about our efforts.  We are so proud to have had the opportunity to be interviewed!

Click here to listen to The Groomer Next Door Episode 47 podcast featuring Missouri Lost & Found Paws!  Tune in at around 32 mins to hear about us as well as around the 44 min mark :)  Chris and Sarah have told us they will have another feature about the efforts of Missouri Lost & Found Paws.  

Monday, September 22, 2014

Thursday, September 18, 2014

My Pet Is Lost In Metro Rolla - What Do I Do?

Share your flyer with Facebook groups focused on helping lost pets.  We suggest that  copy the text of your flyer into your post so that the text can be searched upon.

Share, share, share your flyer using every social media vehicle you have to your name! Ask friends and family to share on their pages/accounts. The power of social media does prevail!

Post to  They have a Community Classifieds section with a section for Lost & Found.  Be sure to include your phone number in your posting.  That will be the quickest way for someone to contact you about your lost pet.  Be sure to keep your ad up to date even if your pet hasn't been found right away.  Don't lose hope.  

The biggest lead to getting your lost pet home is for people to call with what we call Sightings. When you get a call from someone who says they have seen your pet (aka Sighting), ask for the exact location as well as time of day.  Use Google Maps to keep track of your Sightings.

Send a copy of your flyer to local Rolla area shelters and rescue groups. Check the shelters in person as much as possible.  Due to the overwhelming population of animals in shelters, it is not possible for shelter workers to keep up to date with each animal in their facility.

Post to the different Buy/Sell/Trade groups on Facebook for your municipality/township.

You can also find other groups and organizations focused on lost pets in the state of Missouri by visiting Lost & Found Pet Pages on Facebook on our site.

Be sure to visit our My Pet Is Lost - What Do I Do? post for general tips to find your lost pet.

Friday, September 12, 2014

My Pet Is Lost! What Should I Do?

Missouri Lost & Found Paws is a non-profit organization that is focused on helping lost and found animals get home.  We understand how painful the experience is when a family member is missing.  Our efforts are focused on using social media to get the word out about lost pets.  We started three years ago, but just recently became a non-profit organization.  We are so blessed to have developed the following we have on Facebook.  Our Twitter presence is slowly growing.

Our mission is simple.  We want to get lost and found pets home!

We believe in coming together as a community to help one another.  Searching for a lost pet is not easy.  It takes time. It takes patience.  Trying to search alone is tough and presents challenges.  The search process is also emotionally and physically taxing.  We truly get it.  Many of our supporters have been in your shoes.  We do understand how it feels to be so worried about the safety of a missing family member.  We have many supporters who are also animal lovers, and are concerned for lost pets.  We also have supporters who are shelter employees and shelter volunteers.  Through the use of social media, we have been able to get many lost pets home.  We have over 4,300 followers now.  And we continue to grow each day.  

We seek nothing in return.  We just want to help our community.  We have helped dogs, cats, ferrets, rabbits, turtles, chickens, domesticated birds, and even pigs.  Yes, really.  We strongly believe that for every animal that we can help reunite, that is one less pet in a shelter who could face the ticking timer of euthanasia.  We believe that together, as a community, we can truly change the outcome of animals in our community.  Together, we CAN make a difference.