Friday, August 29, 2014

You Found an Animal, and It Is Microchipped! Now What?

You found an animal, and it is microchipped!  Now what?  Please share this tip from Missouri Lost & Found Paws with family, friends and fellow animal lovers.

You have picked up a lost animal. You have had the animal scanned for a microchip.  It has one!  Do you know what to do next?
Because there are so many different manufacturers for microchips, your first will be to determine which company’s microchip is in the animal.  Go to or  Enter the microchip number.  The site will return the manufacturer.

Call the manufacturer.  Tell them you have found an animal who is microchipped by their company.  They will request the microchip number (have it handy!).  They will help put you in touch with the owner.

What do you do if the microchip is not registered?

The research begins.  Ask the microchip company to identify the lot # that the microchip
belongs to.  Next, ask where the microchip was sent to, i.e. a vet clinic, a shelter, a rescue group, a breeder, etc.

Once that info has been provided, call the establishment where the microchip was sent.  If they have a proper record keeping process, they may be able to help trace down who adopted or bought the animal.  If the contact information is unavailable, ask for the name, city and state of residence for the owner.

Use social media tools such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn to search for the owner’s name.  Google, Google, Google!

Missouri Lost & Found Paws is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization focused on reuniting lost and found pets in St Louis & Rolla, Missouri.

We must work together as a community.  Savings lives IS within our reach!  Help us help them!

“Think lost, not stray” ~ as quoted by Missing Pet Partnership