Saturday, August 16, 2014

Jefferson County supporters - your community needs your help! Sharing the following post from Shelter Buddies of Missouri.
We have an extremely large amount of family pets that are being brought into JCAC every day. Many have collars, know commands, and are clearly well cared for but just escaped their yard. The officers picking up these animals do not have the time to hang signs to help reunite pets with their owners. We are asking for volunteers from all over Jeff Co to assist us in reuniting these pets and their families. We need help getting signs posted in the areas these animals were picked up. If you are interested in helping us in the mission please respond here or PM us with your area. We are creating a list of volunteers that we can reach out to when needed. There are few feelings as amazing as saving an animal and reuniting a family. We are also hoping this will make the community aware of JCAC since it seems many do not know they even exist. This may also take some pressure off all the amazing rescues that strive to save our animals each week. Thanks in advance, Jen